Behind~Before~Within, R.W.E.

“What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” 

                                                   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What lies behind us? Nearly turns into a question of What kills you inside. An answer most people hideaway. And one I’ve learned to bury away. Never wanting anyone close enough to find the answer.

What lies on the journey we’ve already fell on has this power I honestly don’t understand. One that controls us, dictates our connection with others. Always welcoming people at a distance. So they know you have a good heart but they lack one crucial piece of the connection. The journey behind that once edged heart.  The reasons for your softened love. And why you can love so generously.

That is to make no mistake, these people are not weaker. Nor more fragile. And for the most part, you wouldn’t even be able to spot them. To me, I like it that way. Because then there’s the  label”damaged” or whatever other category one could create from one’s unfortunate experiences.

Something I learned?

These people have the best kind of love. & the most contagious smile.

My advice? Hold onto them. Because having to walk away, well, it sucks. 


What lies before us. Quite scary. Because what & who stands in front of us will have a lasting impact. From words that unconsciously slip through the mind’s filter, how we make others feel,  to where we emphasize our love & who we risk falling to defend. And most importantly, from the people present in the now, who deserve our love. Because a heart from having hurt is a rare kind of beauty. One that needs special attention. Because it survived. Survived the road already ran on. & is a love that needs protection.

Not all that lies before us is good. You’ll see hurt. Maybe destruction. And that might be a mirror to yourself. That’s okay. We all have demons of our own. I just believe you should embrace that too. Because not each moment you’re faced with will be a moment of potentially the most love you’ll ever experience. & if in that moment you feel like falling, that’s okay. Just remember this one thing. Always, there will be a hand before you to lift you up again. Stranger or friend.

Something I learned? 

Embrace this moment. The people, the love, the laughter. & know that, if unhappy, you have the strength to walk away.

My advice?  Live. Tell those in your life they matter. Be grateful. Resilient. And loving.


What lies within us. The strongest & the weakest. Nonetheless, the survivor in each of us. I propose a theory. There’s a fire inside you. That fuels the passion, the desire, & the warrior in us all. Like a flame, it may weaken, at times possibly flicker. But, similar to you, its resilient. And it’ll grow again.

For me, that fire is indulgent. A flame that fuels my passion toward life. & the way I choose to live it. If there were a repetitive perspective, from outsiders, on myself, it would be that I’m a passionate woman. Because from what I’ve achieved & seen in this world, I’d be a fool to think my fire is one that’s easily tamed.


Few people will journey on the roads in life you chose to blockade. But, when you find that someone or those few someones, make sure to be grateful. Because those people will believe in you the most as they’ve seen the strength in your past. As they’ll see the hope in your future. And most importantly, your potential in this very moment.

The most bittersweet twist about it all? These people are rare. 

I’ve only met one, maybe two. And simply a thought of them, makes my fire a little brighter & my smile a little wider.

Dear Emerson, 

Thank you for building a turn in the journey. For changing shame into appreciation. For better understanding where that inner fire comes from. And most importantly, knowing something indescribable. That the flame, the passion, inside a person, is a good thing.  






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