Venice Gondola Ride.

“One thing I’ve crossed off my bucket list would be going to ride in a Gondola in Venice.” -Anthony Volonnino.

Disappearing beauty. Only a light boat peering its high neck through the canals. And through the corners of sinking steps.

Little bridges connecting old-romanced houses & cobblestone streets. Laughter you float by echoes. Italian men steering & singing to you. A special feeling. One with a smile & a rush of falling in love. Because people have been here before you. Have used these canals for transportation. And now, you’ve been a part of that living history.

“Bittersweet.” Anthony believes. “To see the city changing. That Venice is sinking.” 

The Gondola ride never to fade from his mind was from studying abroad in Rome. And Venice, in its sparkled beauty, captured him. Not only in a moment of happiness as that implies unharmonious fleeting moments but in something worth more. Something that swings by as a rare value.

That something was JOY.

Dear Anthony, 

I hope the man singing in your gondola echoed Italian culture in your heart. And in how you love. That when you remember her beauty, you smile. Because her beauty will soon exist in memories. And just like that, she became one thing. A city of tragic love.


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