“A person is a person no matter how small.” ~Dr. Seuss.

A quote a friend loves. One as beautiful as the golden red autumn tree standing outside your window.

When thinking about it, oddly I feel strongly empowered by it. To explain though, is something dumbfounding to me. Something to shout because I feel passionate toward it. & something I desire to hideaway because it’s message is too magical once understood, that I’m not sure I want to share it. Especially to those trained in ignorance.

 But here’s my rant.

There are people who seem to lose the umbrella message. This life is crowded with so many people. Filled with you and I. And that’s just it. Each person is a person. No circumstance could twist or transform that center idea. & you shouldn’t try to find one.

May appear as something trivial but don’t string my strength as a person to my size. Standing taller than I doesn’t make me any less of a person. Or make you any more intelligent.

Diminish my voice as entangled to my size & you’ll stand a fool. 

I may not yell as loud or touch the ceiling. Or puff my chest out as wide. Regardless, I’m just as much of a person than you. And it’s something I feel deeply toward as each time I engage in a discussion, I’ll find the other person swelling their chest and raising their shoulders. Because to some, knowledge doesn’t seem to be enough, for they have to belittle others too.

“People respect money not the person.” -Anonymous.

I’ve never seen such corrupted thinking before. What is even worse, I’ve never seen such thinking that’s as infectious as this. Shallow is how I’d best describe the interconnectedness of a person to their wealth. How tall one can stand is not how many dollar bills they can fan out when challenged.

I wonder if those who share in this trivial thought were dishonourable always or as a result of solely monetary success. Regardless, I’ve heard others speak of how aggravating people like that can be but on the receiving end of such people, I’ve learned something.

Yes, these people will irritate and infuriate you but they’re not worth those emotions. Because, above all else, it is unfortunate therefore at most you should feel pity on them. And raise hope, that one day those people will see how to better themselves without money.

Dear Dr. Seuss [Theodor Geisel] ,

In a world where character fades rather quickly, thank you for reminding us how nothing effects the respect each person deserves. That same respect we need to give more of. 

Because, as a person you matter…

And when you have nothing…

 …You still matter. 







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