The Night Before.

“When magic through nerves and reason passes, imagination, force, and passion will thunder. The portrait of the world is changed.” -Dejan Stojanovic.

Running around. Tossing clothes in suitcases, I remember. Remembering, this is not a goodbye. Because it’s not forever. Only 5 months.

Shuffling around in many ways, thoughts & motions, I managed to distract myself.  Because the night before leaving was too hard.

Laying in bed, it seemed easier to focus on one thing: the nerves in my stomach, the passion in my will to travel the world & the sheer imagination in answering the question, what comes next?

Firmly, I believe in traveling changing who I am. Where I want to be. & then the world will change the portrait I have of myself.

In this world, you create yourself with each experience. Nearly, it’s your responsibility therefore, to attack this life in moments of imagination, nerves, force, reason. And then there is what settles in as most important. To attack life in moments of passion.

Because it’s inside your fire, your passion, that the portrait of the world is changed. 

It’s that which calmed my nerves to leave everything I know for 5 months in order to travel the world. Knowing that each experience will be special. That in each moment I stand still in the middle of a city or a village in awe, there will be magic.

It’s the thought of the kind of passion that will change both portraits. Of the world & of myself.

The fire within me that made me less nervous. And more passionate.






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