Starts With A Step [Mt. Everest]

“One thing on my bucket list I’ve always wanted to do is climb Mount Everest. 

–Lindsay Gioioso

One step. One at a time. One after the other. 

That’s all it takes. Takes the strength within to carry on.

And the passion. To keep going, one moment at a time.

The destination may be a feat; too far, look toward the present. Toward what’s in front of yourself. To the footsteps in front of you. To breath deep & imagine creating each one.  Simply a moment & a footstep.

Only then, you’ll never be that far away. Because you’ll be on top of the world…

“Seeing the beauty and everything that God made for us would just be an absolutely incredible experience.”


Mount Everest.

Blessed by the rush of wind through your chest. By the mountains consuming you. Because there are just some things in life that steal your thoughts. That clear your mind. And make you see that, in the end, you understand life. Understand life as a gem. A gem seen through its beauty. Like that of snow covered mountains.

“I’ll start crying because I can’t believe I made it to the top of the world.” [Gioioso]

How she imagines she’d feel? Awestruck.

“I’d have no words because I would be in awe.” [Gioioso]

The truest words to have ever reached my ears. To know Lindsay is to know her drive. How she thrives for more. For what she carries passion toward. A feeling she’s had & always will. Because to understand her, you’d be definite that she’ll stand on top of Mount Everest.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always been into hiking, outdoors, & just love the beauty of nature.” [Gioioso]

Lindsay’s passions blossomed early in life. In third grade, when a speaker whom completed the climb to Mt. Everest spoke to her class, she “immediately knew that someday I wanted to do that myself.”[Gioioso]  That moment, it was the only one she needed.

Again, junior year of high school, she read Into Thin Air [story of the first climb to Mt. Everest with Edmund Hilary.] Inspiration soon struck. Dipping her toes in the water, Lindsay’s been on hiking & backpacking trips.

One day. One moment. That one step at the base of Mt. Everest. All it takes is the passion & strength from inside. Something Lindsay had & always will.

Dear Lindsay, 

   I hope climbing Mount Everest challenges you. That the final step before your on top of the world weighs on your excitement. Because, that day, you’ll see how you are stronger than you may believe. 


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