“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.”

–Beatrix Potter

Destination? You’ll never know. 

Many things are out of this world, lost to her. To fate. Inspirations buried in stories you tell write her as the author. But, the wind of its direction is different.

That is up to you. And sometimes you won’t know. In itself, that is the most freeing.

Unleash the mind. First, write how you feel. A word. A sentence. The truest thing you know. & only then, you’ll set wind to a journey.

A journey to not fear. Like an open road.

Trust the first words. Let them lift you. Because then, you’ll end up flying.  On a carpet of words.

Pretty darn magical, right?


NPG P1825; Beatrix Potter (Mrs Heelis) by Charles King
Beatrix Potter            (b.1866- d.1943)


Dear Potter,

Thank you for opening my eyes to embracing the unknown. For stealing away fear of where the story may end. For trusting the first words bled on to paper. Because the story, wherever it takes me, makes me smile. And write, all the time.





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