Music from the Goddess. [Florence & the Machine]

“One thing I’ve crossed off my bucket list [recently] was getting to see my favorite band front row live.” -Anthony Volonnino

Music is love. That feeling that touches a part of you. One where you’ll dance. And tilt your head back singing. Because in that moment, nothing matters. That moment when in a crowd of concert goers, you have goosebumps.

Anthony waited for 12/13 hours outside the gate of the Barclays center [Brooklyn, NY] for that moment. For Florence and the Machine to take the stage. And when she shook Anthony’s hand for a “surreal” experience. Because it was a start. To a night he’ll always hold dear.

“The color faded a little bit. They used to be vibrant yellow & magenta” -Anthony Volonnino

A flower she gave him. Yellow pedals from the goddess herself. Each one separated into his journal, it’ll be remembered. The experience of a lifetime. Where he felt the rush of wind through his chest.

The pedals may fade, but the goosebumps will always come back.

What makes it even more heart-racing? He tossed his shirt to her & she waved it around. He knew she’d do it. Because in a sold out concert, he was the true fan. HE knew what was going to happen. Because he started taking off his shirt before everyone else. Then eye contact happened. And his shirt was lost to the goddess herself. As florence would say, she got Anthony’s “flag” [aka shirt].

“I just couldn’t believe it”-Anthony.

“Somebody’s going to go watch a video [of concert]. But, I’m gonna be there & they might see me but they won’t know me.” Anthony is the man who you will watch in a youtube video of an artist you dream of seeing. Because, like Florence, he enjoys feeling “real & alive.” A feeling I adore.

“I made so many friends. I put a girl up on my shoulders and she was like “omg this is so cool.” Something so special. To bond with someone over music. An art that becomes an addiction. So much, it becomes scary.

“I think music should be scary. Music is an exorcism.

-Florence Welch.

Dear Anthony, 

I hope you felt the drums beat inside. Felt your throat quiver screaming the lyrics. That you always look back and think “I felt something special.” Because, in that moment you felt alive.







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