Eiffel Tower Kind Of High.

“Paris is always a good idea.” -Audrey Hepburn.

That evening,  I remember dressing before dinner in the hotel room. One that overlooked old-fashion kinds of beauty in cobblestone streets & royal-esque buildings. It was my night in Paris, with romance, language, & lovely eyes.

Simply magic seeing the Eiffel Tower light show, shining lightness through each corner of the city. Some say they wish their life had movie moments but seeing the Tower light up was something more.  Something so stunning, it made my hazel eyes turn a brilliant green.

It shines through the pink clouds.
~It shines through the pink clouds.~

My best description? Golden love.

Standing underneath the tower, I felt bewitched.  Charmed by the feeling of standing tall under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city  of romance & les lumières. 

Climbing the first tier was like a pinch, gazing around the city made it real. My dream had overlapped into reality as I had reached the clouds. Parting from the last step,  I saw a restaurant,  58 Tour Eiffel,  and I thought, “dinner with someone you love hidden inside the Eiffel Tower,” must be pretty epic.

High up & falling harder in love, each step upward was a breath I couldn’t hold on to. Too beautiful. Then I raced to the top in an elevator [from the 2nd tier]. And then that was the moment…

Where I understood what it felt like not catching breaths while standing still. Because on top the Eiffel Tower, I had choked on happiness. And love.

That moment, I remember the goosebumps, the quivers, & the sheer awe.  My heart sank to my spine & I was breathless. Sipping champagne, it all became surreal & a moment I’ll remember. Forever & always.

…Because of the love & romance & raw beauty.



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