Greece, Italy, & Spain.

“I wanna travel to Spain, Italy, & Greece.” – Kristen Kyreakakis.

Wanderlust is beautiful. Imagine losing yourself to the music, the dance, & the food of a new culture? To get lost inside its soul? Even better, to be lost in those streets with people you love.  Fair warning, think about it too long & you’ll  quiver.

Yes, it’s important to have these experiences in life as they  nourish the soul. Chatting with Kristen helped me realize it’s not just the adventure but whose beside you when your head turns. Be with people you love,  enjoy that rush of excitement with those in your life. And that may be family for you or not, maybe friends or coworkers or a lover.  Whoever, just make sure it’s someone who makes you laugh.

For Kristen, it’s her family. Her cornerstone. Where she is at home.

“I wanna go to Greece because my family is part Greek and my dad has relatives over there.” -Kristen. I imagine it’s some kind of wonderful to visit family from where you are from. To see how they live & what it openly means to be that ethnicity. To see, taste, & feel the soul of the culture that is a part of you.  And to be able to touch the spirit of past family generations. Pretty darn special I think.

“I wanna go to  Italy because I want to ride a gondola and taste all their food.”-Kristen.  Is there a better reason to go to Italy?  How romantic to sit in a gondola and be lost through the waterways of Venezia. To see the water splash upon the building steps. Because although the buildings are sinking, they are the most breathtaking.

& for the food? Well, how many Italians do you know where hearts don’t fill their eyes when it comes to  Italian food– said by an 100% Italian woman.  Kristen knows, if you want to taste love then go to Italy.  And eat your way through the country.

“And I wanna go to Spain because I’m a spanish minor so I think it’ll be cool to be in a country where they speak spanish & learn more about their culture.”  Learning in a classroom only takes you so far. But, cultural immersion will push you so far, you may even end up in the clouds.

 Dear Kristen,

I hope you lose your cool over the beauty of Italy from inside a gondola. That you fall in love with the Spanish culture because it’s an addiction. And that you taste the obsession with Italian food.

Kristen photo.jpg
Kristen Kyreakakis Loyola MD ’18

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