Young? Must Be Naive.

Naive /nī ēv/ 


    (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom or judgement.  [Google]

Google it, age isn’t in the definition of naive. 

20 years old, widening the path to 21 & still wondering what age will lessen my “naivety.”

Want to start saying that yes I understand,  wisdom comes from experience which comes with age. But, to say I don’t understand because I’m only 20 years is harsh. Don’t push aside my story and experiences because you have an extra 25+ years on me.

I recognize danger, not just floating fairytales, & how it’s increased in areas of little familiarity. To say I’m unaware of potential danger in regard to myself is unnecessary. I’m grateful for the care, but acknowledge my intelligence & awareness.

Contrary to belief of my generation, not all of us are voluntarily locked in a social media bubble. Explosion of the mind, some of us are connected to the news & understand its importance on the home and abroad front.

Saying verbatim how studying abroad might be dangerous is a goodwill thought to someone you love, but I already have the news app on my phone. So, thank you.

I know Europe has had attacks in recent months. Aware there are dangers of studying abroad. Understand the situation I’d place myself into. I know the negatives especially as of recently but I know the positives.

Don’t ask much, just believe I am capable of making a decision. My own decision. It’s a promise, dangers abroad weigh in on my final decisions. But when it comes to it, I take it all into consideration & will do what is best for me. And thats not naivety & not my age. It’s my knowledge, awareness, & understanding.

I ask of one thing. Just believe in me.




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